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Food Tracker System

Commercial Bread and Confectionery Baking

In the bread and confectionary industry, a key step in food processing is the baking process, which gives the final product the important characteristics for an enjoyable eating experience - appearance, smell, taste, texture and of course, safety. A variety of products, including bread loaves/rolls, pizza, pies, quiche, biscuits, crackers, pastries, cakes and other confectionary products, require the baking process to be controlled to guarantee food safety, quality, consistency and value.

Application Need 

As part of any baking process control program, the oven temperature is critical to the temperature of the product and its baking characteristics. Controlling temperature will influence the quality of the final baked product in terms of shelf life, taste, texture, color, appearance, smell, shape/size consistency and safety.

As part of most HACCP programs in the bakery sector, a key CCP will be the monitoring of the oven/chiller environment and product core temperature. In bread processing, the secondary validation process of dough prior to final baking also requires temperature and humidity control to guarantee product quality.

Benefits to the customer 
  • Monitor the oven temperature uniformity across the width of the mesh belt to guarantee product consistency (color, size, texture) and avoid waste
  • Efficiently optimize new lines or products to produce high quality products with the critical taste, texture, color, crust formation and moisture characteristics
  • Guarantee optimal bake conditions, eliminate mold and non-spore forming bacteria, and to maximize product shelf life
  • Create fully certified and traceable process QA documentation to satisfy HACCP criteria and insure production compliance with all regulations
Thermal Profiling Systems
  • Range of thermal barriers to suit different styles of bakery ovens compliment both process conditions (Time @ Temp) and space limitations
  • MultiPaq21 logger provides up to eight measurement channels, allowing accurate temperature uniformity measurement. Food Tracker probe jig allows quick, easy and repeatable placement of sensors, across the width of the bakery mesh belt.
  • Powerful accessories, such as the Humidity sensor and Real Time RF Telemetry, ensure even more efficient monitoring of oven profiling to verify quality in bread baking applications

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