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Fluke Process Instruments Cambridge

Our Advantage

What is the Fluke Process Instruments Advantage and what does it mean for our customers?

  • Three industry leaders Raytek, Ircon and Datapaq, joined together to create Fluke Process Instruments, offering a broad portfolio of industrial temperature measurement solutions.
  • Our purpose is to be the technology leader in providing process instruments and solutions that enable our customers to make products that help the world function better.
  • Providing our industrial customers with noncontact infrared temperature measurement and thermal profiling solutions - including customized profiling solutions for specific application needs, is our business.
  • With over two hundred years of combined experience, our technical staff can provide the information needed to solve your application and determine the best instrument for your application.
Our solutions at work at Barley Chalu Ltd UK – now also a satisfied user of the new EasyTrack3!
  • For over sixty years, Ircon and Raytek have designed and produced over 500,000 noncontact temperature measurement and control instruments, providing solutions for thousands of applications globally. Datapaq has been supplying custom thermal profiling solutions for the global market for over thirty years.
  • Pioneering many industrial firsts, market innovations and new technologies, such as the introduction of the first truly plug-and-play microprocessor-based IR thermometer and the standard design for the two-color thermometer, we are the company others want to emulate and many try to copy.
  • Our technology is tried, tested, used and approved by thousands of satisfied customers globally – we won’t expect you to do our beta testing! Our temperature measuring instruments are designed and manufactured to meet ISO9001 global quality standards and our equipment is fully certified and traceable back to DAkkS & other traceable calibration standards.
  • With a network of trained representatives and agents in over one hundred (100) countries and offices located in the U.S., Germany, UK, China, Japan, Singapore and India, we provide local service and support you can rely on time after time.
  • Our industry memberships keep us informed on current industry trends, supporting the development of new products and application solutions that continue to meet the growing needs of our industrial users.